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EYEBROW permanent makeup

What is Eyebrow tattooing?

Eyebrow tattooing is also known by many names, including Microblading or Permanent Makeup. It is a cosmetic procedure that involves the insertion of coloured pigments into the skin to create the appearance of fuller, more defined eyebrows. This technique is typically used to enhance the shape, density, and symmetry of the eyebrows, creating a natural and long-lasting result. The process entails using fine, specialised needles to deposit pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, mimicking the appearance of makeup.

Why get your eyebrows tattooed?

Eyebrow tattooing can be beneficial for individuals with sparse, over-plucked, or uneven brows, as well as those seeking a low-maintenance solution to their daily eyebrow routine. Imagine going tot he gym without worrying you will sweat off your eyebrow makeup? Or swimming whilst on holiday without disrupting your eyebrows! This is the service for you.

What is the process?

Typically your eyebrows will be completed across two sessions, the first appointment will be the foundation, this is where your brows are shaped and colours will be discussed. Once the process is complete, they will look bold, usually darker and warmer in tone. This is completely normal, once the pigments heal they settle underneath the top layers of skin creating a veil of skin which will cover your tattoo, this will diffuse and soften the colour during the healing process. A second session is followed up after around 6- 8 weeks. This appointment is a complimentary top up to assess colour, or address any areas which may have been lost during the healing process.

What happens after?

As soon as your procedure is finished your body will start to heal.
The skin will close and you may see a thin scab which will protect the area whilst the skin heals. After a few days the scab will start to come away revealing the pigment. You will initially see a lighter hue of implanted colour. This will change and settle over the next 4-6 weeks.

Long term results are achieved by ensuring you always wear SPF daily, this is the most important factor for any permanent makeup treatment. Ensure you wear yours daily to protect from free radicals and uv rays, which can cause premature fading or cooling of the colour. Maintenance is very low, you can thread, tweeze, wax and tint your brows if you normally do so, and generally people return anywhere between 14 months, 18 months to two years for a colour boost of one session.


After the first 6 hours, gently wipe the area clean. Pat dry and apply a small layer of your Balm with a clean cotton bud. Repeat 2 times a day for the first 3 days. Day 4-21 continue to apply your Balm for best results.



Soft yet defined powder finish Eyebrow Tattoo.


Additional Retouch

For existing clients only choosing to book in a third session. Or clients who are outside of their original 8 week complementary top up. Please only book this service after a consultation with us.



Eyebrow colour boost tweleve to eighteen months.

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How long will the treatment last?

Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic  tattoo. As the name suggests it can be a permanent treatment, the pigments used for your  chosen service are implanted lightly into the upper layers of your skin and are designed by the manufactures to fade over time. There are no guarantees given that your permanent makeup will leave the skin completely. Each service will have varied results and longevity from person to person.  Environmental factors and lifestyle has an impact on your permanent makeup, so everyone is unique.  We recommend a colour boost anywhere between 18 months and 24 months or depending on the fading and personal preference.  

Is the procedure painful?

As with any tattoo procedure there will be an element of discomfort, but most clients find this to be minimal. 

How long does it take?

Please allow 3 hours for new treatments and please allow 2 hours for a retouch. Varying factors will increase or decrease the length of appointments. 

What about my medical history or current conditions?

We are required by our legal team to ask for your medical history to check for any reasons why you may not be suited to permanent makeup. If we have any concerns we simply require a note from your doctor or medical professional to give consent. 

What happens after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, the area can appear swollen and the colour will appear darker. The area requires a minimum of 6 weeks of natural healing between appointments, this is to ensure skin health is kept optimum and your permanent makeup heals beautifully. Full aftercare can be found on the website, and will be explained to you during your appointment. 

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Beauty Aesthetics & Permanent Makeup In Hornchurch, Essex

The Quaye Clinic has excellent transport links with parking available and is a short walk from Emerson Park train station.

We have clients travel to see us from all over Essex & London including Brentwood, Basildon, Chelmsford, Cranham, Dagenham, Ilford, Ingatestone, Romford, Stratford, Thurrock & Upminster. 

I was given Claire’s details by a mutual friend & after a lot of shall I/shan’t I, I finally made the appointment to see Claire & discuss having my eyebrows tattooed. 

She was so welcoming and full of advice on what would & wouldn’t suit me. We made the appointment & the experience was 1st class. I’m so happy with my new eyebrows, the colour, shape etc! Claire is a true professional & lovely with it.

I wished I’d done it sooner! I am now looking at having another treatment done & Claire will be the only person I go to to do it.

Cathryn Gander

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